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Songwriter Festival 2014 – Key West – {Nashville Music Photographer}

Thank you to RCA Records Label for hiring Edwards Photography Studios for the showcase weekend & concert for some talented artists! Josh DorrLove & Theft and Sara Evans rocked Duval street during the Songwriters Festival 2014, hosted by GAC’s Storme Warren.  It was a great weekend of extremely talented songwriter performances, sun & fun with friends, and a great time on a sail cruise to hear some of the newest releases of these artists! Oh and a special treat as an Alabama Football fan…meeting Sara’s awesome hubby Jay Barker (had to tell her he was my college crush) !!  :-)

Enjoy the highlights of this awesome music event!…

Edwards Photography Studios - Nashville, TN - Key West Songwriter Festival - Sara Evans - Love & Theft copy

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Edwards Photography Studios - Sara Evans - Key West 2 copy

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Make-A-Wish Fundraiser – {Funny Photo Booth- Nashville}

We had such a great time at the Wildhorse Saloon for the Make-A-Wish SuperBowl event with our funny photo booth.  It’s so fun to see what creative ideas people come up with and it’s always a great laugh.  Thank you to Make-A-Wish Middle TN for inviting us to be a part of this special day!  :-)


Edwards Photography Studios







Todd Ashburn – Songwriter / Bassist / Producer – {Music Photographer Nashville, TN}

A while back you may remember I mentioned partnering with a good friend, Todd Ashburn, to help me get some emotional thoughts into a song.  (http://eps-blog.com/songwriting-in-the-studio/)

The way Todd was able to take the lyrics and emotions in my head and turn them into music was simply incredible. The whole process was very healing for me and the final product is a song I will cherish always.  Since then, we have worked together on other projects.  I wish I could take credit for it…I only throw an idea out with a few lyrics here and there and he manages to create an awesome song.  I often call him the “Jack Black” from the movie School of Rock.  He will send me clips of a tune in his head with all the instruments and not use a single instrument.  It’s quite entertaining!

Not only is Todd an amazing songwriter, this man has a few other talents up his sleeve…no he’s not a magician, but he can make a bass sound unbelievable.  You would have to see it with your own eyes to believe it!  He’s performed and toured with more than a couple major acts.

Todd’s latest project will have him appearing as Waylon Jenning’s bass player in the feature film “My Brother, Your Outlaw: The Waylon Jennings Story”.  He reached out to me to take some shots of him and his bass guitars for a bass guitar magazine.  We had a good ole time on the corner of 12th and Porter….him playing an unplugged bass and me wearing my “Paul Bear Bryant” hat!  Oh and I must tease him that he made it an easy shoot since he used to be a model for Tommy Hilfiger!  Check out his website at http://www.toddashburn.com/!

Talented bassist Todd Ashburn takes a break with his Spector Legend5 Classic!


Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 10 copy
Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 3 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 7 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 8 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 6 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 9 copy

Todd Ashburn Edwards Photography Studios

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 2 copy


Jake Owen ~ CMA Publication ~ 2013 – {Nashville Music Photographer}

So excited to be featured in the CMA Nominee Publication for Jake Owen…Male Vocalist of the Year..good luck Jake!!



Pickin’ for Prevention 2013 – AFSP Middle TN Chapter – Songwriter Event – {Edwards Photography Studios}

To kick off CMA week, some of the biggest songwriters in country music joined together to benefit the Middle TN Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  With special performances by Randy Owen and Chris Young, it was definitely a one of a kind show.  Songwriters included Dallas Davidson, Anthony Smith, Dave Turnbull, Allen Shamblin, Brian White, Frank Myers, Kylie Sackley, Rob Hatch and Dan Couch.  The hottest new duo, Two Story Road, opened the night with their new music.  Chris Young joined in the “TEXT to Donate”  Program while performing on stage.  Allen Shamblin (co-writer to the song “Why” by Rascal Flatts)  performed this song about losing someone to suicide.

The Middle TN Chapter of AFSP’s mission is dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy and to reaching out to individuals with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide, as well as reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

P4PChapterPic copy 2


Out of the Darkness Walk ~ 2013 – {American Foundation for Suicide Prevention}

Well, the 4th Annual Nashville Music Row Walk is over and what a beautiful event it was!  With the predictions of pouring rain and thunderstorms, all night and morning, somehow the heavens parted and the sun rays came through…just in time to give us a beautiful walk for over 500 people. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors. We, raised nearly $50K and raised awareness for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention throughout the streets of Music Row in Nashville..what a success!

More importantly, we came together for a cause that is near and dear to each of us. We were a family reaching for a common goal to shed light on Suicide Prevention and help each other heal.  Much love to everyone involved…your efforts are greatly appreciated!


















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Jessica Dawn – {Nashville Musician Photographer}

Jessica Dawn, great singer/songwriter and even better friend!  Jessica and I met because we were both supporting a cause near and dear to our hearts.  She performed for a fundraising event I was organizing.  When we spoke on the phone, I could tell she was a beautiful person inside and out!  Since then, she has done nothing but continue to inspire me….reach for your dreams, keep on keeping on and to use what you have to help others.  We may have met because of difficult situations in our lives, but Jessica is a perfect example of silver linings.

Needless to say, with her hilarious personality and fun spirit, you can imagine what a great time we had for her latest photo shoot.  Thanks Jessica for everything and just for being you!  Love you girl!  :-)

You can download her latest singles, Red Electric & Shotgun on iTunes.

Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios4

Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios3


Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios2



American Diabetes Association – Tour De Cure – Nashville, TN – {Fundraising Event Photographer}

Are you a cyclist?…Check out the American Diabetes Association - Tour de Cure in Franklin, TN.  Sponsored by Lilly and tons of others supporters, this event was a huge success. Below are some highlight photos and the link about the organization, how you can support it and register or donate!


Tour de Cure-5

Tour de Cure-6

Tour de Cure-11

Tour de Cure-12

Tour de Cure-13

Tour de Cure-18

Tour de Cure-21

Tour de Cure-22

Tour de Cure-28

Tour de Cure-31

Tour de Cure-32

Tour de Cure-39

Tour de Cure-49

Tour de Cure-60

Tour de Cure-67

Tour de Cure-68

Tour de Cure-70

Tour de Cure-75

Tour de Cure-81

Tour de Cure-82

Tour de Cure-87

Tour de Cure-88

Tour de Cure-89

Tour de Cure-91

Tour de Cure-94

Tour de Cure-95

Tour de Cure-107

Tour de Cure-118

Tour de Cure-135

Tour de Cure-140

Tour de Cure-142

Women Rock for the Cure – {Nashville Music Photographer}

Jessica Dawn and friends rock the stage for a great cause…Women Rock for the Cure!  Sponsored by 12th and Porter, this event was a true Nashville style singer/songwriter night…ladies style!

IMG_2829 copy

IMG_2844 copy

IMG_3255 copy

IMG_2872 copy

IMG_2945 copy

IMG_3032 copy

IMG_3033 copy

IMG_3083 copy

IMG_3120 copy

IMG_3142 copy

IMG_3171 copy

IMG_3172 copy

IMG_3179 copy

IMG_3194 copy

IMG_3223 copy

IMG_3243 copy

IMG_3269 copy

IMG_3277 copy

Music City Festival & BBQ Championship- {Edwards Photography Studios}

For the past few years, we have had the opportunity to support our community in the Annual Music City BBQ Festival & BBQ Championship…thousands of people from all over join the event…we have even met attendees from New Zealand and Sweden!  Now that’s true BBQ love!  This event is a not only fun for all ages with live music, delicious food, cool cars & bikes and a kids zone, but it is a SERIOUS competition! Over 100 BBQ cook teams compete for cash & prizes, judged by the Memphis BBQ Network and the Kansas City BBQ Society.  As mingling photographers, we like to try out the BBQ ourselves and have enjoyed spending time in the judges tent trying out the leftovers!  :-)  If you are in or around the Nashville area the last weekend of August, come check it out!  2014 is in the planning stages now!


IMG_8282 copy

IMG_8222 copy

IMG_8233 copy

IMG_8239 copy

IMG_8267 copy

IMG_8276 copy

IMG_8293 copy

IMG_8301 copy

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IMG_8325 copy

IMG_8333 copy

IMG_8470 copy

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IMG_8739 copy

IMG_8749 copy

IMG_8831 copy

IMG_8832 copy

IMG_8860 copy

IMG_8916 copy

IMG_8980 copy

IMG_9025 copy

IMG_9051 copy

IMG_9054 copy

IMG_9069 copy

IMG_9078 copy

IMG_9085 copy

IMG_9090 copy




































Launch of Antics Boutique – {Nashville Fashion Photography}

We are having so much fun with the owners of Antics Boutique  and their beautiful models!  Antics Boutique offers you a hassle free way to shop online for the latest fashions in tops, dresses and accessories. Check out some of their super cute clothes and share with your friends!  ”Like” them on facebook for sneak peeks and tons of specials!  :-)


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Songwriting in the Studio

I have to admit…I LOVE Music City…it has lead me to some really incredible opportunities that I would otherwise probably never experience.  Now if you live here, you know everyone here is either in the music industry or knows someone who is.  So I will upfront say I am NOT a songwriter or claim to be even close to one.  I will admit that the love I have for music and it’s creative process, and events I have been through in my life have lead me to some lyric writing with my awesome songwriting friend Todd Ashburn.

It’s pretty amazing how he can turn what I called “emotional vomit” into a pretty awesome song.  I have to say, it’s a very cool experience and if you ever get the opportunity to sit in on a writing or recording session, go for it! When I had in my head an idea for a song, but had no idea how to explain it, Todd managed to turn emotions into a melody and produce a beautiful song that is very dear to me!  We worked with Buddy Hyatt at the Tracking Room to “lay down the track”.  I also had the privilege to meet and work with a great couple, Brandon & Jamelle Fraley, that are now working together as a new country duo “Two Story Road“.


Two songs that I have been a part of with these guys are below…check them out!

“Deep Dark Eyes” (written in memory of Bryan Tinsley)


“City Girl in a Country Town” (just for fun)


Print Print


Todd has also written some other great songs and all have publishing available..just sayin’!!  :-)

Todd Ashburn Edwards Photography Studios

“Left with your Goodbye”


“When I Am With You”




“Who’s That Goodbye In Your Eyes”





Out of the Darkness Walk ~ 2010 – {Edwards Photography Studios}

51809_116427825087831_103630473034233_120226_5712480_o 51994_116428058421141_103630473034233_120241_749753_o 52990_116417358422211_103630473034233_120138_5651942_o 53264_116427878421159_103630473034233_120230_5256593_o  56323_116427231754557_103630473034233_120188_3324109_o 74255_116427151754565_103630473034233_120184_3679108_n

Love of your family and friends is the best medicine that can be prescribed.  I realized this recently, as we experienced a tragedy earlier this year.  With the help of a few others that had unfortunately experienced a similar situation, we decided to plan an event to raise money and awareness for this special cause.  The event turned out to be a huge success.  It was such a busy and emotional time…and a huge whirlwind!  However, it all seemed like slow motion.  As I wandered around in a state of awe, taking in every detail, I saw my support system at work.  I couldn’t help but notice there were individuals from every phase of my life…all together…all in one place.   Family and friends that I have known from the day I was born until as recent as this summer were with me to share their love and support.  We were all there as a unit…in body, mind and spirit. I want so badly for these individuals to know how much every ounce of this love is appreciated.  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers, love, support, donations, phone calls, letters and thoughts.  Because of each and every one of you, we have created an annual event that will hopefully positively affect and change the lives of other families in the future.

Below are the lyrics to Unstoppable, a Rascal Flatts song written by James Slater, Hilary Lindsey and Jay Demarcus.  These lyrics helped me realize how powerful the love of your friends and family really can be so I wanted to share…Enjoy!

When the cold hard rain just won’t quit
And you can’t see your way out of it
You find your faith has been lost and shaken
You take back what’s been taken
Get on your knees and dig down deep
You can do what you think is impossible
Keep on believing, don’t give in
It’ll come and make you whole again
It always will, it always does
Love is unstoppable…

Love, it can weather any storm
Bring you back to being born again
oh, it’s a helping hand when you need it most
A lighthouse shinning on the coast 
that never goes dim

When your heart is full of doubt
And you think that there’s no way out
Love is unstoppable…

You can view all of the pictures from the Out of the Darkness event by clicking this link…