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Wade Hayes – 2014 Photos – {Musician Photographer Nashville}

We have know Wade Hayes for several years and did his head shots a couple of years ago.  We recently did an updated photo shoot with him, which was fun as always!  Wade represents the heart of country music.  He is a great singer/songwriter and an amazing person.  You can preorder his newest album today!



IMG_6954 copy

IMG_7022 copy

Wade Hayes Nashville

IMG_7044 copy



Songwriter Festival 2014 – Key West – {Nashville Music Photographer}

Thank you to RCA Records Label for hiring Edwards Photography Studios for the showcase weekend & concert for some talented artists! Josh DorrLove & Theft and Sara Evans rocked Duval street during the Songwriters Festival 2014, hosted by GAC’s Storme Warren.  It was a great weekend of extremely talented songwriter performances, sun & fun with friends, and a great time on a sail cruise to hear some of the newest releases of these artists! Oh and a special treat as an Alabama Football fan…meeting Sara’s awesome hubby Jay Barker (had to tell her he was my college crush) !!  :-)

Enjoy the highlights of this awesome music event!…

Edwards Photography Studios - Nashville, TN - Key West Songwriter Festival - Sara Evans - Love & Theft copy

IMG_3052 copy

IMG_3101 copy



IMG_5944 copy

IMG_5941 copy




Edwards Photography Studios - Sara Evans - Key West 2 copy

IMG_3036 copy

IMG_3042 copy

IMG_5647 copy

IMG_5667 copy

IMG_5694 copy 2

IMG_5761 copy 2

IMG_5780 copy

IMG_5833 copy

IMG_5854 copy

IMG_5875 copy

IMG_5856 copy

IMG_5915 copy

IMG_6009 copy 2

IMG_6023 copy 2


Sony Music Girl’s Night Out – {Music Photography Nashville}

Every year in the music industry there is an annual event for all the people in Country Music Radio.  This event brings the wonderful people of country music radio to NashVegas for the week for all kinds of programs and events!  http://countryradioseminar.com/

Sony Music Nashville hosts a really fun way for the girls of the industry to hang out, catch up and bond over activities that only the girls truly appreciate.  Sony’s female artists including Miranda Lambert, Sara Evans, Leah Turner & Clara Henningsen of  The Henningsens trio, join girls working in the music industry for signature cocktails, delicious apps and cupcakes by….Ivy Cake Designs.

Fun activities include, manicures, massages, screen printed bags by Hip Hues… and last but certainly not least the Funny Photo Booth provided by…wait for it…Edwards Photography Studios.  Even though he’s a guy, Knipper gets to join in the fun!  Does Jerrod Neimann crash this party?…no way!

Afterwards, Knipper leads us to Pinewood Social where RCA artists Love & Theft and Sara Evans enjoy bowling and fun with their promotions team!

Enjoy these highlights…




IMG_4916 copy

IMG_4999 copy

No boys allowed Mr. Jerrod Neiman…well unless your the paper version…





IMG_1137 IMG_1213












IMG_4998 copy





Ivey Cake - Edwards PHotography Studios copy






Antics Boutique latest arrivals – {Nashville Merchandise Photographer}

We always have so much fun with Antics Boutique!  At our most recent shoot with the beautiful Sammi Moore, we got to see all the latest arrivals.  For us it’s like shopping and working!  Go to their website or facebook page to check out everything and for discount codes/specials!   Of course toward the end of the shoot we always have to get silly! ..and Braxton patiently awaits for his special attention from the models!  We missed you Mary Jo and Sulivan!!

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 3

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 7

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 5

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 6

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 4

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 2

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 10

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 11

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 8

Antics Boutique - Edwards Photography Studios 9





Jake Owen – “Days of Gold” New Album Celebration – {Music Photography Nashville}

Jake Owen, family, friends and crew celebrated sun, fun and “Days of Gold” (his newest album) in Puerto Rico.  ”Days of Gold” is loaded with great songs and what a great way to celebrate! Jake was surrounded by family and friends and all the ones that have been a part of his career!  The weekend was complete with a live rooftop performance of some of your favorite classics…any and everything from rap to good ole’ ALABAMA…and yes…a full moon!

Check out his new album today..you will LOVE it!! http://www.jakeowen.net/splash

IMG_9462 copy

IMG_9459 copy

IMG_9413 copy

IMG_9422 copy

IMG_9425 copy

IMG_9430 copy

IMG_9477 copy

IMG_9478 copy

IMG_9480 copy

IMG_9481 copy

IMG_9520 copy

IMG_9566 copy

IMG_9247 copy

IMG_9248 copy

IMG_9301 copy

IMG_9346 copy

IMG_9254 copy

IMG_9268 copy

IMG_9275 copy

IMG_9293 copy

IMG_9300 copy

IMG_9302 copy

IMG_9322 copy

IMG_9330 copy


IMG_9729 copy

IMG_9743 copy

IMG_9759 copy

IMG_9775 copy

IMG_9786 copy

IMG_9800 copy

IMG_9807 copy

IMG_9814 copy

Jake Owen Family copy

PS – Happy 1st birthday to his sweet baby Pearl!

Jake Owen Baby Pearl's Birthday Edwards Photography Studios


Antics Boutique girls and their Antics- {Nashville Fashion Photographers}

Well as you may have heard us talking about how fun our Antics boutique photo shoots are, we always like to share some of the highlights…imagine 2 sisters (boutique owners), 2 sisters-in-law (photographers) and 2 hilarious models…you never know what you are going to get.  It’s the perfect combination of shopping, laughing, girl talk, wine, pizza, dogs, bunnies and babies….Oh and WORK!

Next time you need that perfect outfit…go shopping online at www.anticsboutique.com! Their clothes are fabulous and affordable and all at the click of a mouse!


Ok….here are the “outtakes”…. and a couple of sneak peeks of the latest arrivals….



We were trying to get creative on displaying the new purses…does this work?…



Ok…let’s be serious for a couple shots…

IMG_1670 copy

IMG_1711 copy

And back to the fun!….



Braxton loves being the only boy in the room!….



And here’s your official sneak peek of the latest arrivals!….

IMG_1478 copy

IMG_1726 copy

IMG_1517 copy

IMG_1552 copy

IMG_1560 copy

IMG_1646 copy

IMG_1669 copy

IMG_1493 copy
IMG_1713 copy

Until next time…xoxo!

IMG_1741 copy




Jerrod Neimann Listening Party ~ CMA Week – {Nashville Music Event Photographer}

Kicking off CMA Week with a listening party for Jerrod Niemann.  People from all over the country come to “NashVegas” for the CMA awards and parties.  We enjoyed working with Arista to celebrate Jerrod’s new single, “Drink to That All Night”.  Check it out here….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5wowYasa2g.  It’s also available on iTunes.

Thanks to the crew at Arista for hiring us to work this super fun event!

Jerrod Arista Group copy 3

IMG_0011 copy

IMG_0013 copy 2

IMG_0037 copy

IMG_0044 copy


IMG_9932 copy

IMG_8898 copy
IMG_8973 copy

IMG_9929 copy

IMG_8978 copy

IMG_8988 copy

IMG_9948 copy

IMG_9022 copy

IMG_9051 copy

IMG_9974 copy

IMG_9979 copy

IMG_9985 copy

IMG_0005 copy

IMG_0006 copy 2




Swine Ball – {Edwards Photography Studios}

A “pre-event” fundraiser for the the Music City Festival & BBQ Competition is an event known as Nashville’s “Most Tastefully Tacky Ball”.  The last couple of years, EPS has sponsored the funny photo booth at this fun evening of BBQ and dancing….and let me tell…that’s exactly what it is…just plain FUNNY…I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

(A portion of the event proceeds were donated to the Community Resource Center.)

IMG_3490 copy

IMG_3483 copy

IMG_3480 copy

IMG_3459 copy

IMG_3437 copy

IMG_3359 copy

IMG_3342 copy

IMG_3341 copy

1-3643 copy

IMG_5684 copy

IMG_5641 copy

IMG_5606 copy

IMG_5589 copy

IMG_5585 copy

IMG_5564 copy

IMG_5529 copy

IMG_5526 copy

IMG_5517 copy

IMG_5499 copy

IMG_5477 copy

IMG_5473 copy

IMG_5460 copy

IMG_5453 copy

IMG_5433 copy

IMG_5402 copy

IMG_5400 copy

IMG_5384 copy

IMG_3654 copy

IMG_3618 copy

IMG_3604 copy

IMG_3599 copy

IMG_3579 copy

IMG_3569 copy

IMG_3550 copy

IMG_3541 copy

IMG_3512 copy

IMG_3500 copy

IMG_3496 copy

IMG_3657 copy


Launch of Antics Boutique – {Nashville Fashion Photography}

We are having so much fun with the owners of Antics Boutique  and their beautiful models!  Antics Boutique offers you a hassle free way to shop online for the latest fashions in tops, dresses and accessories. Check out some of their super cute clothes and share with your friends!  ”Like” them on facebook for sneak peeks and tons of specials!  :-)


D1003-819x1024   =A3001  A3007  B5002   B5007 D1008

Danny Gokey Sophia’s Heart Cruise – {Edwards Photography Studios}

Hi all Danny Gokey Fans and Sophia’s Heart Supporters!

Through your help, Edwards Photography Studios raised nearly $1500 for the Sophia’s Heart Foundation on the cruise!  As a reminder, the vision for Sophia’s Heart Foundation is to see a future where hearts are healed through acts of love and compassion, helping children of less fortunate families experience music and arts, as well as restoring families who have experienced financial hardship.  In Nashville, Sophia’s Heart is preparing a facility to house nearly 30 families so every contribution counts!

It was a privilege meeting and getting to know several of you on the trip.  I was fascinated to hear how Danny’s music has had such a positive affect on your lives.  Learning about some of your own stories of hardship, I realize how impactful music can be to the soul.  Songs such as “I Still Believe” and “My Best Days are Ahead of Me” have inspired us all.

I remember in an interview Danny once saying, “when you figure out love is all that matters, it sure makes everything else seem so small”.  This shows how powerful love can be.  Your love for his music and the foundation will have such a positive affect on many individuals.

Your support for Edwards Photography Studios, Danny Gokey and Sophia’s Heart is greatly appreciated.  Each and every one of you are making a difference in someone’s life by the participation of this event.

A special thank you to Nancy Jeffares at Travelin’ Inc. for organizing this fabulous event!  We LOVE you Nancy!!


DGC4 copy

DGC3 copy

DGC8 copy

DGC21 copy

DGC18 copy

DGC22 copy