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Antics Boutique girls and their Antics- {Nashville Fashion Photographers}

Well as you may have heard us talking about how fun our Antics boutique photo shoots are, we always like to share some of the highlights…imagine 2 sisters (boutique owners), 2 sisters-in-law (photographers) and 2 hilarious models…you never know what you are going to get.  It’s the perfect combination of shopping, laughing, girl talk, wine, pizza, dogs, bunnies and babies….Oh and WORK!

Next time you need that perfect outfit…go shopping online at www.anticsboutique.com! Their clothes are fabulous and affordable and all at the click of a mouse!


Ok….here are the “outtakes”…. and a couple of sneak peeks of the latest arrivals….



We were trying to get creative on displaying the new purses…does this work?…



Ok…let’s be serious for a couple shots…

IMG_1670 copy

IMG_1711 copy

And back to the fun!….



Braxton loves being the only boy in the room!….



And here’s your official sneak peek of the latest arrivals!….

IMG_1478 copy

IMG_1726 copy

IMG_1517 copy

IMG_1552 copy

IMG_1560 copy

IMG_1646 copy

IMG_1669 copy

IMG_1493 copy
IMG_1713 copy

Until next time…xoxo!

IMG_1741 copy




Jake Owen ~ CMA Publication ~ 2013 – {Nashville Music Photographer}

So excited to be featured in the CMA Nominee Publication for Jake Owen…Male Vocalist of the Year..good luck Jake!!



Songwriter Festival 2013 – Key West – {Nashville Music Photographer}

It was a long trek getting here bc of crazy flooding in Key West, but this was a project that was worth the travel!

Thank you to RCA Records Label for hiring me for the showcase concert for some talented artists!  Joanna SmithTate Stevens, and Bush Hawg rocked Duval street during the Songwriters Festival!

RCA-115 copy

RCA-307 copy

RCA-302 copy

RCA-298 copy

RCA-288 copy

RCA-282 copy

RCA-280 copy

RCA-275 copy

RCA-272 copy

RCA-260 copy

RCA-247 copy

RCA-246 copy

RCA-244 copy

RCA-240 copy

RCA-236 copy

RCA-223 copy

RCA-217 copy

RCA-204 copy

RCA-195 copy

RCA-192 copy

RCA-189 copy

RCA-183 copy

RCA-182 copy

RCA-180 copy

RCA-172 copy

RCA-171 copy

RCA-168 copy

RCA-166 copy

RCA-164 copy

RCA-157 copy

RCA-154 copy

RCA-147 copy

RCA-142 copy

RCA-139 copy

RCA-135 copy


RCA-127 copy

RCA-114 copy

RCA-100 copy

RCA-83 copy

RCA-40 copy RCA-32 copy RCA-13 copy

Women Rock for the Cure – {Nashville Music Photographer}

Jessica Dawn and friends rock the stage for a great cause…Women Rock for the Cure!  Sponsored by 12th and Porter, this event was a true Nashville style singer/songwriter night…ladies style!

IMG_2829 copy

IMG_2844 copy

IMG_3255 copy

IMG_2872 copy

IMG_2945 copy

IMG_3032 copy

IMG_3033 copy

IMG_3083 copy

IMG_3120 copy

IMG_3142 copy

IMG_3171 copy

IMG_3172 copy

IMG_3179 copy

IMG_3194 copy

IMG_3223 copy

IMG_3243 copy

IMG_3269 copy

IMG_3277 copy

Swine Ball – {Edwards Photography Studios}

A “pre-event” fundraiser for the the Music City Festival & BBQ Competition is an event known as Nashville’s “Most Tastefully Tacky Ball”.  The last couple of years, EPS has sponsored the funny photo booth at this fun evening of BBQ and dancing….and let me tell…that’s exactly what it is…just plain FUNNY…I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

(A portion of the event proceeds were donated to the Community Resource Center.)

IMG_3490 copy

IMG_3483 copy

IMG_3480 copy

IMG_3459 copy

IMG_3437 copy

IMG_3359 copy

IMG_3342 copy

IMG_3341 copy

1-3643 copy

IMG_5684 copy

IMG_5641 copy

IMG_5606 copy

IMG_5589 copy

IMG_5585 copy

IMG_5564 copy

IMG_5529 copy

IMG_5526 copy

IMG_5517 copy

IMG_5499 copy

IMG_5477 copy

IMG_5473 copy

IMG_5460 copy

IMG_5453 copy

IMG_5433 copy

IMG_5402 copy

IMG_5400 copy

IMG_5384 copy

IMG_3654 copy

IMG_3618 copy

IMG_3604 copy

IMG_3599 copy

IMG_3579 copy

IMG_3569 copy

IMG_3550 copy

IMG_3541 copy

IMG_3512 copy

IMG_3500 copy

IMG_3496 copy

IMG_3657 copy