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7th Annual Craig Morgan Concert and Charity Ride – {Fundraising & Music Photography}

When Cindy Hunt with Monarch Publicity called us to photograph the Craig Morgan Concert & Charity ride, I had no idea what adventures this would entail!  This is the 7th annual event and supports the Dickson County Craig Morgan Foundation.  The mission of this foundation is to build and maintain a home called Billy’s Place for temporarily displaced children in Dickson County Tennessee and to provide lasting funding to the home and various other children’s organizations whose primary goal is to ensure the well-being of children, integrating outdoor activities in their daily lives with the long term goal of starting such homes around the country.

The weekend was packed with a sponsor reception the night before, an awesome day of trail riding and a very cool acoustic style concert that evening with Craig Morgan, Tate Stevens (X-Factor Winner) and Aaron Lewis of Staind.

Sometimes as photographers, we never know where we will end up…this event had me flying through the woods in an Arctic Cat ATV with a professional driver that had no fear!  I must say…it was a blast!  Aside from the occasional run in with a granddaddy long leg…this inner country girl was enjoying every mintue…racing through the trails and trying to catch the other riders in the perfect jump. The highlight of the day was watching a professional motocross exhibition with celebrity participants Destry Abbot, Fred Andrews, Randy Hawkins, Andrew Short, Larry Ward, and Ryan Villopoto.

The concert that evening was one memorable event.  I love hearing live acoustic songs, performed by artists of mixed genres and telling the stories that inspire their music.  When Craig’s daughter took the stage to sing with him for the first time ever, I felt like I was sharing in a family moment that will always be remembered.  I must say….Aaron definitely has some country boy in him and took Jeffery Steele’s song “What hurts the most” to a whole new level. Wow! Hear for yourself…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQf9Jeh9GiQ

Thanks Cindy and Heather for inviting me to document an awesome weekend!

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Craig Morgan Charity Ride

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