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Wade Hayes – 2014 Photos – {Musician Photographer Nashville}

We have know Wade Hayes for several years and did his head shots a couple of years ago.  We recently did an updated photo shoot with him, which was fun as always!  Wade represents the heart of country music.  He is a great singer/songwriter and an amazing person.  You can preorder his newest album today!



IMG_6954 copy

IMG_7022 copy

Wade Hayes Nashville

IMG_7044 copy



Songwriter Festival 2014 – Key West – {Nashville Music Photographer}

Thank you to RCA Records Label for hiring Edwards Photography Studios for the showcase weekend & concert for some talented artists! Josh DorrLove & Theft and Sara Evans rocked Duval street during the Songwriters Festival 2014, hosted by GAC’s Storme Warren.  It was a great weekend of extremely talented songwriter performances, sun & fun with friends, and a great time on a sail cruise to hear some of the newest releases of these artists! Oh and a special treat as an Alabama Football fan…meeting Sara’s awesome hubby Jay Barker (had to tell her he was my college crush) !!  :-)

Enjoy the highlights of this awesome music event!…

Edwards Photography Studios - Nashville, TN - Key West Songwriter Festival - Sara Evans - Love & Theft copy

IMG_3052 copy

IMG_3101 copy



IMG_5944 copy

IMG_5941 copy




Edwards Photography Studios - Sara Evans - Key West 2 copy

IMG_3036 copy

IMG_3042 copy

IMG_5647 copy

IMG_5667 copy

IMG_5694 copy 2

IMG_5761 copy 2

IMG_5780 copy

IMG_5833 copy

IMG_5854 copy

IMG_5875 copy

IMG_5856 copy

IMG_5915 copy

IMG_6009 copy 2

IMG_6023 copy 2


Sony Music Girl’s Night Out – {Music Photography Nashville}

Every year in the music industry there is an annual event for all the people in Country Music Radio.  This event brings the wonderful people of country music radio to NashVegas for the week for all kinds of programs and events!  http://countryradioseminar.com/

Sony Music Nashville hosts a really fun way for the girls of the industry to hang out, catch up and bond over activities that only the girls truly appreciate.  Sony’s female artists including Miranda Lambert, Sara Evans, Leah Turner & Clara Henningsen of  The Henningsens trio, join girls working in the music industry for signature cocktails, delicious apps and cupcakes by….Ivy Cake Designs.

Fun activities include, manicures, massages, screen printed bags by Hip Hues… and last but certainly not least the Funny Photo Booth provided by…wait for it…Edwards Photography Studios.  Even though he’s a guy, Knipper gets to join in the fun!  Does Jerrod Neimann crash this party?…no way!

Afterwards, Knipper leads us to Pinewood Social where RCA artists Love & Theft and Sara Evans enjoy bowling and fun with their promotions team!

Enjoy these highlights…




IMG_4916 copy

IMG_4999 copy

No boys allowed Mr. Jerrod Neiman…well unless your the paper version…





IMG_1137 IMG_1213












IMG_4998 copy





Ivey Cake - Edwards PHotography Studios copy






Todd Ashburn – Songwriter / Bassist / Producer – {Music Photographer Nashville, TN}

A while back you may remember I mentioned partnering with a good friend, Todd Ashburn, to help me get some emotional thoughts into a song.  (http://eps-blog.com/songwriting-in-the-studio/)

The way Todd was able to take the lyrics and emotions in my head and turn them into music was simply incredible. The whole process was very healing for me and the final product is a song I will cherish always.  Since then, we have worked together on other projects.  I wish I could take credit for it…I only throw an idea out with a few lyrics here and there and he manages to create an awesome song.  I often call him the “Jack Black” from the movie School of Rock.  He will send me clips of a tune in his head with all the instruments and not use a single instrument.  It’s quite entertaining!

Not only is Todd an amazing songwriter, this man has a few other talents up his sleeve…no he’s not a magician, but he can make a bass sound unbelievable.  You would have to see it with your own eyes to believe it!  He’s performed and toured with more than a couple major acts.

Todd’s latest project will have him appearing as Waylon Jenning’s bass player in the feature film “My Brother, Your Outlaw: The Waylon Jennings Story”.  He reached out to me to take some shots of him and his bass guitars for a bass guitar magazine.  We had a good ole time on the corner of 12th and Porter….him playing an unplugged bass and me wearing my “Paul Bear Bryant” hat!  Oh and I must tease him that he made it an easy shoot since he used to be a model for Tommy Hilfiger!  Check out his website at http://www.toddashburn.com/!

Talented bassist Todd Ashburn takes a break with his Spector Legend5 Classic!


Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 10 copy
Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 3 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 7 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 8 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 6 copy

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 9 copy

Todd Ashburn Edwards Photography Studios

Todd Ashburn - Songwriter - Bassist - Producer - Nashville 2 copy


Jake Owen – “Days of Gold” New Album Celebration – {Music Photography Nashville}

Jake Owen, family, friends and crew celebrated sun, fun and “Days of Gold” (his newest album) in Puerto Rico.  ”Days of Gold” is loaded with great songs and what a great way to celebrate! Jake was surrounded by family and friends and all the ones that have been a part of his career!  The weekend was complete with a live rooftop performance of some of your favorite classics…any and everything from rap to good ole’ ALABAMA…and yes…a full moon!

Check out his new album today..you will LOVE it!! http://www.jakeowen.net/splash

IMG_9462 copy

IMG_9459 copy

IMG_9413 copy

IMG_9422 copy

IMG_9425 copy

IMG_9430 copy

IMG_9477 copy

IMG_9478 copy

IMG_9480 copy

IMG_9481 copy

IMG_9520 copy

IMG_9566 copy

IMG_9247 copy

IMG_9248 copy

IMG_9301 copy

IMG_9346 copy

IMG_9254 copy

IMG_9268 copy

IMG_9275 copy

IMG_9293 copy

IMG_9300 copy

IMG_9302 copy

IMG_9322 copy

IMG_9330 copy


IMG_9729 copy

IMG_9743 copy

IMG_9759 copy

IMG_9775 copy

IMG_9786 copy

IMG_9800 copy

IMG_9807 copy

IMG_9814 copy

Jake Owen Family copy

PS – Happy 1st birthday to his sweet baby Pearl!

Jake Owen Baby Pearl's Birthday Edwards Photography Studios


Dessert & Wine with Sara Evans ~ CMA Week – {Nashville Music Event Photographer}

CMA Week was so busy but so much fun!  One of the highlights of the week included a Dessert & Wine event with the beautiful, fun and hilarious Sara Evans!  I think by this point in the week…everyone is exhausted and delirious, so why not ham it up for the camera, right?  We all chose to practice Sara’s “recommended new favorite pose”!…which obviously many of us didn’t quite “get it!”  We sure had fun trying!  Thanks RCA & Sara for a great night!  Tyler Farr joined in the fun as well!

IMG_0147 copy

IMG_0069 copy

IMG_0096 copy

IMG_0140 copy

IMG_0137 copy

IMG_0136 copy

IMG_0128 copy

IMG_0133 copy

IMG_0051 copy

IMG_0063 copy

IMG_0073 copy

IMG_0077 copy

IMG_0079 copy

IMG_0080 copy

IMG_0082 copy

IMG_0068 copy

IMG_0052 copy

IMG_0056 copy

IMG_0061 copy

IMG_0050 copy

IMG_0093 copy


Antics Boutique girls and their Antics- {Nashville Fashion Photographers}

Well as you may have heard us talking about how fun our Antics boutique photo shoots are, we always like to share some of the highlights…imagine 2 sisters (boutique owners), 2 sisters-in-law (photographers) and 2 hilarious models…you never know what you are going to get.  It’s the perfect combination of shopping, laughing, girl talk, wine, pizza, dogs, bunnies and babies….Oh and WORK!

Next time you need that perfect outfit…go shopping online at www.anticsboutique.com! Their clothes are fabulous and affordable and all at the click of a mouse!


Ok….here are the “outtakes”…. and a couple of sneak peeks of the latest arrivals….



We were trying to get creative on displaying the new purses…does this work?…



Ok…let’s be serious for a couple shots…

IMG_1670 copy

IMG_1711 copy

And back to the fun!….



Braxton loves being the only boy in the room!….



And here’s your official sneak peek of the latest arrivals!….

IMG_1478 copy

IMG_1726 copy

IMG_1517 copy

IMG_1552 copy

IMG_1560 copy

IMG_1646 copy

IMG_1669 copy

IMG_1493 copy
IMG_1713 copy

Until next time…xoxo!

IMG_1741 copy




Jake Owen ~ CMA Publication ~ 2013 – {Nashville Music Photographer}

So excited to be featured in the CMA Nominee Publication for Jake Owen…Male Vocalist of the Year..good luck Jake!!



7th Annual Craig Morgan Concert and Charity Ride – {Fundraising & Music Photography}

When Cindy Hunt with Monarch Publicity called us to photograph the Craig Morgan Concert & Charity ride, I had no idea what adventures this would entail!  This is the 7th annual event and supports the Dickson County Craig Morgan Foundation.  The mission of this foundation is to build and maintain a home called Billy’s Place for temporarily displaced children in Dickson County Tennessee and to provide lasting funding to the home and various other children’s organizations whose primary goal is to ensure the well-being of children, integrating outdoor activities in their daily lives with the long term goal of starting such homes around the country.

The weekend was packed with a sponsor reception the night before, an awesome day of trail riding and a very cool acoustic style concert that evening with Craig Morgan, Tate Stevens (X-Factor Winner) and Aaron Lewis of Staind.

Sometimes as photographers, we never know where we will end up…this event had me flying through the woods in an Arctic Cat ATV with a professional driver that had no fear!  I must say…it was a blast!  Aside from the occasional run in with a granddaddy long leg…this inner country girl was enjoying every mintue…racing through the trails and trying to catch the other riders in the perfect jump. The highlight of the day was watching a professional motocross exhibition with celebrity participants Destry Abbot, Fred Andrews, Randy Hawkins, Andrew Short, Larry Ward, and Ryan Villopoto.

The concert that evening was one memorable event.  I love hearing live acoustic songs, performed by artists of mixed genres and telling the stories that inspire their music.  When Craig’s daughter took the stage to sing with him for the first time ever, I felt like I was sharing in a family moment that will always be remembered.  I must say….Aaron definitely has some country boy in him and took Jeffery Steele’s song “What hurts the most” to a whole new level. Wow! Hear for yourself…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQf9Jeh9GiQ

Thanks Cindy and Heather for inviting me to document an awesome weekend!

IMG_4861 copy

IMG_4590 copy 2

IMG_4588 copy 2

IMG_4569 copy IMG_4553 copy

IMG_4523 copy

IMG_4516 copy 2 IMG_4508 copy

IMG_5073 copy IMG_4845 copy IMG_4836 copy IMG_4785 copy IMG_4748 copy

IMG_4740 copy

IMG_4715 copy

Craig Morgan Charity Ride

IMG_4673 copy

IMG_5135 copy

IMG_4853 copy

IMG_4854 copy
IMG_4880 copy

IMG_4894 copy

IMG_4960 copy

IMG_5347 copy

IMG_5342 copy IMG_5332 copy IMG_5325 copy IMG_5319 copy IMG_5314 copy IMG_5313 copy IMG_5308 copy IMG_5305 copy IMG_5292 copy IMG_5285 copy IMG_5265 copy IMG_5261 copy IMG_5258 copy

IMG_5213 copy IMG_5231 copy

IMG_5170 copy

IMG_5207 copy



Pickin’ for Prevention 2013 – AFSP Middle TN Chapter – Songwriter Event – {Edwards Photography Studios}

To kick off CMA week, some of the biggest songwriters in country music joined together to benefit the Middle TN Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  With special performances by Randy Owen and Chris Young, it was definitely a one of a kind show.  Songwriters included Dallas Davidson, Anthony Smith, Dave Turnbull, Allen Shamblin, Brian White, Frank Myers, Kylie Sackley, Rob Hatch and Dan Couch.  The hottest new duo, Two Story Road, opened the night with their new music.  Chris Young joined in the “TEXT to Donate”  Program while performing on stage.  Allen Shamblin (co-writer to the song “Why” by Rascal Flatts)  performed this song about losing someone to suicide.

The Middle TN Chapter of AFSP’s mission is dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy and to reaching out to individuals with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide, as well as reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

P4PChapterPic copy 2


Jerrod Neimann Listening Party ~ CMA Week – {Nashville Music Event Photographer}

Kicking off CMA Week with a listening party for Jerrod Niemann.  People from all over the country come to “NashVegas” for the CMA awards and parties.  We enjoyed working with Arista to celebrate Jerrod’s new single, “Drink to That All Night”.  Check it out here….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5wowYasa2g.  It’s also available on iTunes.

Thanks to the crew at Arista for hiring us to work this super fun event!

Jerrod Arista Group copy 3

IMG_0011 copy

IMG_0013 copy 2

IMG_0037 copy

IMG_0044 copy


IMG_9932 copy

IMG_8898 copy
IMG_8973 copy

IMG_9929 copy

IMG_8978 copy

IMG_8988 copy

IMG_9948 copy

IMG_9022 copy

IMG_9051 copy

IMG_9974 copy

IMG_9979 copy

IMG_9985 copy

IMG_0005 copy

IMG_0006 copy 2




Country on the Beach ~ {Edwards Photography Studios}

For several years now, EPS has participated with the Country on the Beach Trips to benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation.  Hosted by GAC’s Storme Warren & the country duo Montgomery Gentry, along with several other artists, it always proves to be a fantastic event!  The one and only Mrs.Nancy Jeffares with Travelin’ Inc. organizes the event each year and will not let you down on good times to be had while supporting a wonderful cause!

Complete with several talented artists performing live, sand castle competitions, beach olympics, live auctions, tequila volleyball, live music on a sailboat, parades in the street and an extremely fun and caring group of people, you can’t go wrong by attending this trip.  This is a group of people that love reconnecting each year, while welcoming newcomers and is known as the “most dysfunctional traveling family”. :-)  Register for 2014 and join in the fun! Click here for more information:  http://www.countryonthebeach.com/

Here are some highlights from the 2011 and 2012 trips…

2011 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

IMG_0453 copy

IMG_0485 copy

IMG_0504 copy

IMG_0592 copy

IMG_0645 copy

IMG_0825 copy

IMG_0863 copy

IMG_0893 copy

IMG_0954 copy

IMG_1016 copy

IMG_1032 copy


IMG_1217 copy

IMG_1264 copy

IMG_1320 copy


IMG_4687 copy

IMG_4727 copy

IMG_4754 copy


IMG_4848 copy

IMG_4865 copy

IMG_4881 copy

IMG_4909 copy

IMG_5146 copy

IMG_5222 copy

IMG_5248 copy

IMG_5313 copy



IMG_5432 copy

IMG_5599 copy






2012 – Key West, Florida

Commotion copy 2

1mustache group final copy







IMG_0778 copy 2


IMG_1012 copy 2

IMG_1025copy copy 3








IMG_1490 copy 2



IMG_1543 copy 2










IMG_1894-2 copy

IMG_6851 copy

IMG_6866 copy

Hope to see you at COTB 6! – Oct 4th-7th

American Idol Contestant ~ Jenny Beth Willis – {Nashville Music Photography}

A special thank you to singer/songwriter, Wades Hayes….(https://www.facebook.com/officialwadehayes) for contacting us to do the head shots for a beautiful young singer/songwriter and American Idol Contestant, Jenny Beth Willis.



Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6167

This girl is a natural beauty, inside and out, and has big plans for an amazing music career.  Working with her and her mother was a so much fun. They are both such genuine people.  After speaking with her mother over the phone and getting ideas together, I had no doubt this would be a fun project.  Dear friend and make up artist, Lynn Borges, (www.LynnBorges.com) worked with us to make decisions on wardrobe, as well as did a beautiful job with her makeup and hair…JB is a natural born artisit and I have no doubt you will hear her on the radio in the future…probably even calling in requests to hear her beautiful voice again!  You can follow her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jennybethwillisofficial.  In the meantime, stay tuned for her album launch in a few months!

Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-2  Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6108 Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6115 Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6122  Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6080  Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6072Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6132  Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6179

Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6195  Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6208  Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6197  IMG_6237 copy           Jenny Beth Willis Americal Idol Contestant-6223

Jake Owen ~ Kelly Clarkson ~ Jason Aldean at Wrigley Field – {Nashville Music Photographer}

As promised..highlights from the Chicago/Wrigley Field Events!!….Another awesome showcase for Leah Turner at Bub City on Friday night, following a packed day of activities on Saturday starting with a private tour of Wrigley Field, meet & greet and sound check with Jake Owen and Kelly Clarkson and another packed house after party at Joe’s Bar with entertainment from Dee Jay Silver and showcase for Bush Hawg!

These artists have been so fun to work with and the RCA & Columbia “families” couldn’t be any better.  For music lovers and concert go’ers all over…you would simply be in awe of what all goes into preparing for a show.  Seeing the empty stadium buzzing with concession and beverage prep, seating, and security is just a show in itself.  From the massive stage, lighting and sound equipment to the carefully detailed schedule for each artist, including sound check, radio visits, meet & greets, wardrobe and backstage prep, I was in awe of how much work it is.  Next time your at a show…think about all the work that went on behind the scene to make it happen and you will appreciate it even more!!

Lastly, I must share my “pyro” experience.  Even though my work for the concert was done, I stuck around for the Jason Aldean performance.  I’m on the side of the stage, when a guy asks me if someone covered “pyro” with me…which somehow I missed that in the chaos of set change.  He said, stand in that corner & cover your ears..it’s about to get really loud and really hot…trust me!  Well, a little freaked out, I do just that as the fireworks explode immediately after!  The band runs out on stage for the first song..see link..full video is pretty awesome if you have the time (skip 1st 50 seconds).. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmXC0SSO8jA.  Once I got used to the explosion of fireworks,  I look at the guy and mouth a huge THANK YOU, bc let’s face it, I would have ended up falling of the back of the stage for sure!  Throughout the song, fireworks explode to the beat..hence the “Bang Bang Bang” lyrics in his song…Crazy Town!  :-)  I can feel the music and the energy throughout the stadium and even though I’m completely exhausted, working on little sleep and have been dragging my equipment around all day, I can’t help but think…I LOVE my job!! :D

RCA family presents Jake and his wife with a plaque…the week Baby Olive Pearl was born, his song went number one..now that’s a good week!  :-)

Songwriter Festival 2013 – Key West – {Nashville Music Photographer}

It was a long trek getting here bc of crazy flooding in Key West, but this was a project that was worth the travel!

Thank you to RCA Records Label for hiring me for the showcase concert for some talented artists!  Joanna SmithTate Stevens, and Bush Hawg rocked Duval street during the Songwriters Festival!

RCA-115 copy

RCA-307 copy

RCA-302 copy

RCA-298 copy

RCA-288 copy

RCA-282 copy

RCA-280 copy

RCA-275 copy

RCA-272 copy

RCA-260 copy

RCA-247 copy

RCA-246 copy

RCA-244 copy

RCA-240 copy

RCA-236 copy

RCA-223 copy

RCA-217 copy

RCA-204 copy

RCA-195 copy

RCA-192 copy

RCA-189 copy

RCA-183 copy

RCA-182 copy

RCA-180 copy

RCA-172 copy

RCA-171 copy

RCA-168 copy

RCA-166 copy

RCA-164 copy

RCA-157 copy

RCA-154 copy

RCA-147 copy

RCA-142 copy

RCA-139 copy

RCA-135 copy


RCA-127 copy

RCA-114 copy

RCA-100 copy

RCA-83 copy

RCA-40 copy RCA-32 copy RCA-13 copy

Jake Owen ~ Miranda Lambert ~ Jason Aldean at Fenway Park – {Nashville Music Photographer}

What an awesome trip to Boston and Fenway Park….special thanks to RCA Records and Columbia Records!  With great showcase on Friday night for Leah Turner, a Duckboat tour of the city, a private tour of Fenway Park, meet & greet and sound check with Jake Owen and Miranda Lambert and lastly a packed house after party at the House of Blues with entertainment from Dee Jay Silver and showcase for Bush Hawg…the weekend was a blast…lots of music and lots of fun!  Stayed tuned for highlights from the Chicago/Wrigley Field Events!

Wade Hayes – {Music Photographer Nashville}

When Wade Hayes called us to do his photos we were more than honored.  He is a one of a kind genuine person and talented singer/songwriter.  I met him several years ago when I moved to Nashville.  Anyone would agree that he is the classic version of a good ole’ southern boy with a huge heart.  In the last couple of years he has battled cancer and after a long hard road he is cancer free and back out doing what he loves!  Check out his new song about his experience…http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H1KrnP67Ny0

Lookin’ good Wade!

Jessica Dawn – {Nashville Musician Photographer}

Jessica Dawn, great singer/songwriter and even better friend!  Jessica and I met because we were both supporting a cause near and dear to our hearts.  She performed for a fundraising event I was organizing.  When we spoke on the phone, I could tell she was a beautiful person inside and out!  Since then, she has done nothing but continue to inspire me….reach for your dreams, keep on keeping on and to use what you have to help others.  We may have met because of difficult situations in our lives, but Jessica is a perfect example of silver linings.

Needless to say, with her hilarious personality and fun spirit, you can imagine what a great time we had for her latest photo shoot.  Thanks Jessica for everything and just for being you!  Love you girl!  :-)

You can download her latest singles, Red Electric & Shotgun on iTunes.

Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios4

Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios3


Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios2



Women Rock for the Cure – {Nashville Music Photographer}

Jessica Dawn and friends rock the stage for a great cause…Women Rock for the Cure!  Sponsored by 12th and Porter, this event was a true Nashville style singer/songwriter night…ladies style!

IMG_2829 copy

IMG_2844 copy

IMG_3255 copy

IMG_2872 copy

IMG_2945 copy

IMG_3032 copy

IMG_3033 copy

IMG_3083 copy

IMG_3120 copy

IMG_3142 copy

IMG_3171 copy

IMG_3172 copy

IMG_3179 copy

IMG_3194 copy

IMG_3223 copy

IMG_3243 copy

IMG_3269 copy

IMG_3277 copy

Songwriting in the Studio

I have to admit…I LOVE Music City…it has lead me to some really incredible opportunities that I would otherwise probably never experience.  Now if you live here, you know everyone here is either in the music industry or knows someone who is.  So I will upfront say I am NOT a songwriter or claim to be even close to one.  I will admit that the love I have for music and it’s creative process, and events I have been through in my life have lead me to some lyric writing with my awesome songwriting friend Todd Ashburn.

It’s pretty amazing how he can turn what I called “emotional vomit” into a pretty awesome song.  I have to say, it’s a very cool experience and if you ever get the opportunity to sit in on a writing or recording session, go for it! When I had in my head an idea for a song, but had no idea how to explain it, Todd managed to turn emotions into a melody and produce a beautiful song that is very dear to me!  We worked with Buddy Hyatt at the Tracking Room to “lay down the track”.  I also had the privilege to meet and work with a great couple, Brandon & Jamelle Fraley, that are now working together as a new country duo “Two Story Road“.


Two songs that I have been a part of with these guys are below…check them out!

“Deep Dark Eyes” (written in memory of Bryan Tinsley)


“City Girl in a Country Town” (just for fun)


Print Print


Todd has also written some other great songs and all have publishing available..just sayin’!!  :-)

Todd Ashburn Edwards Photography Studios

“Left with your Goodbye”


“When I Am With You”




“Who’s That Goodbye In Your Eyes”