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Jake Owen ~ Kelly Clarkson ~ Jason Aldean at Wrigley Field – {Nashville Music Photographer}

As promised..highlights from the Chicago/Wrigley Field Events!!….Another awesome showcase for Leah Turner at Bub City on Friday night, following a packed day of activities on Saturday starting with a private tour of Wrigley Field, meet & greet and sound check with Jake Owen and Kelly Clarkson and another packed house after party at Joe’s Bar with entertainment from Dee Jay Silver and showcase for Bush Hawg!

These artists have been so fun to work with and the RCA & Columbia “families” couldn’t be any better.  For music lovers and concert go’ers all over…you would simply be in awe of what all goes into preparing for a show.  Seeing the empty stadium buzzing with concession and beverage prep, seating, and security is just a show in itself.  From the massive stage, lighting and sound equipment to the carefully detailed schedule for each artist, including sound check, radio visits, meet & greets, wardrobe and backstage prep, I was in awe of how much work it is.  Next time your at a show…think about all the work that went on behind the scene to make it happen and you will appreciate it even more!!

Lastly, I must share my “pyro” experience.  Even though my work for the concert was done, I stuck around for the Jason Aldean performance.  I’m on the side of the stage, when a guy asks me if someone covered “pyro” with me…which somehow I missed that in the chaos of set change.  He said, stand in that corner & cover your ears..it’s about to get really loud and really hot…trust me!  Well, a little freaked out, I do just that as the fireworks explode immediately after!  The band runs out on stage for the first song..see link..full video is pretty awesome if you have the time (skip 1st 50 seconds).. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmXC0SSO8jA.  Once I got used to the explosion of fireworks,  I look at the guy and mouth a huge THANK YOU, bc let’s face it, I would have ended up falling of the back of the stage for sure!  Throughout the song, fireworks explode to the beat..hence the “Bang Bang Bang” lyrics in his song…Crazy Town!  :-)  I can feel the music and the energy throughout the stadium and even though I’m completely exhausted, working on little sleep and have been dragging my equipment around all day, I can’t help but think…I LOVE my job!! :D

RCA family presents Jake and his wife with a plaque…the week Baby Olive Pearl was born, his song went number one..now that’s a good week!  :-)

Songwriter Festival 2013 – Key West – {Nashville Music Photographer}

It was a long trek getting here bc of crazy flooding in Key West, but this was a project that was worth the travel!

Thank you to RCA Records Label for hiring me for the showcase concert for some talented artists!  Joanna SmithTate Stevens, and Bush Hawg rocked Duval street during the Songwriters Festival!

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RCA-307 copy

RCA-302 copy

RCA-298 copy

RCA-288 copy

RCA-282 copy

RCA-280 copy

RCA-275 copy

RCA-272 copy

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RCA-40 copy RCA-32 copy RCA-13 copy

Jake Owen ~ Miranda Lambert ~ Jason Aldean at Fenway Park – {Nashville Music Photographer}

What an awesome trip to Boston and Fenway Park….special thanks to RCA Records and Columbia Records!  With great showcase on Friday night for Leah Turner, a Duckboat tour of the city, a private tour of Fenway Park, meet & greet and sound check with Jake Owen and Miranda Lambert and lastly a packed house after party at the House of Blues with entertainment from Dee Jay Silver and showcase for Bush Hawg…the weekend was a blast…lots of music and lots of fun!  Stayed tuned for highlights from the Chicago/Wrigley Field Events!

Waddell & Reed Charity Golf Tournament 2013 – {Nashville Community Event Photography}

As always, the annual Waddell & Reed Charity Golf  Tournament was a great time!  This year, supporting the Rob Bironas Fund and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Middle TN Chapter, the financial advising company raised funds and awareness for both organizations and provided great entertainment.  Brother Trouble performed at a concert the night before, hosted by the Wildhorse Saloon, as well as performed  ”pre tee off” at the Hermitage Golf Course.  Several Titans players joined in the festivities and Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry made a special appearance. Catered by the fabulous Giandi’s, and sponsored by Gary Force Acura, all the details were perfect!  Good times…great causes!

1 Rob Bironas Brandon Edwards Troy Gentry copy

2 gary force acura copy

12-102.5 the game copy

14Brother Trouble copy

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25 Titans Players Golf Tournament copy

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30 Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-5 copy

31 Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-11 copy

31Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-6 copy

37 Funny Golf -1 copy

38 Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-8 copy

39Jake Locker 2 copy

41Michael Roos 2 copy

50 Brandon Fraley copy

50 Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-34 copy

59 Heath Owen copy

60 Heath Owen copy

69 Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-43 copy

70 Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-44 copy

72 Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-41 copy

80Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-22 copy

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Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-19 copy

Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-31 copy

Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-37 copy

Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-46 copy

Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-51 copy

Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-52 copy

Waddell & Reed Rob Bironas Charity Golf Tournament-55 copy

Wade Hayes – {Music Photographer Nashville}

When Wade Hayes called us to do his photos we were more than honored.  He is a one of a kind genuine person and talented singer/songwriter.  I met him several years ago when I moved to Nashville.  Anyone would agree that he is the classic version of a good ole’ southern boy with a huge heart.  In the last couple of years he has battled cancer and after a long hard road he is cancer free and back out doing what he loves!  Check out his new song about his experience…http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H1KrnP67Ny0

Lookin’ good Wade!

Jessica Dawn – {Nashville Musician Photographer}

Jessica Dawn, great singer/songwriter and even better friend!  Jessica and I met because we were both supporting a cause near and dear to our hearts.  She performed for a fundraising event I was organizing.  When we spoke on the phone, I could tell she was a beautiful person inside and out!  Since then, she has done nothing but continue to inspire me….reach for your dreams, keep on keeping on and to use what you have to help others.  We may have met because of difficult situations in our lives, but Jessica is a perfect example of silver linings.

Needless to say, with her hilarious personality and fun spirit, you can imagine what a great time we had for her latest photo shoot.  Thanks Jessica for everything and just for being you!  Love you girl!  :-)

You can download her latest singles, Red Electric & Shotgun on iTunes.

Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios4

Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios3


Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios Jessica Dawn Edwards Photography Studios2



American Diabetes Association – Tour De Cure – Nashville, TN – {Fundraising Event Photographer}

Are you a cyclist?…Check out the American Diabetes Association - Tour de Cure in Franklin, TN.  Sponsored by Lilly and tons of others supporters, this event was a huge success. Below are some highlight photos and the link about the organization, how you can support it and register or donate!


Tour de Cure-5

Tour de Cure-6

Tour de Cure-11

Tour de Cure-12

Tour de Cure-13

Tour de Cure-18

Tour de Cure-21

Tour de Cure-22

Tour de Cure-28

Tour de Cure-31

Tour de Cure-32

Tour de Cure-39

Tour de Cure-49

Tour de Cure-60

Tour de Cure-67

Tour de Cure-68

Tour de Cure-70

Tour de Cure-75

Tour de Cure-81

Tour de Cure-82

Tour de Cure-87

Tour de Cure-88

Tour de Cure-89

Tour de Cure-91

Tour de Cure-94

Tour de Cure-95

Tour de Cure-107

Tour de Cure-118

Tour de Cure-135

Tour de Cure-140

Tour de Cure-142