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Songwriting in the Studio

I have to admit…I LOVE Music City…it has lead me to some really incredible opportunities that I would otherwise probably never experience.  Now if you live here, you know everyone here is either in the music industry or knows someone who is.  So I will upfront say I am NOT a songwriter or claim to be even close to one.  I will admit that the love I have for music and it’s creative process, and events I have been through in my life have lead me to some lyric writing with my awesome songwriting friend Todd Ashburn.

It’s pretty amazing how he can turn what I called “emotional vomit” into a pretty awesome song.  I have to say, it’s a very cool experience and if you ever get the opportunity to sit in on a writing or recording session, go for it! When I had in my head an idea for a song, but had no idea how to explain it, Todd managed to turn emotions into a melody and produce a beautiful song that is very dear to me!  We worked with Buddy Hyatt at the Tracking Room to “lay down the track”.  I also had the privilege to meet and work with a great couple, Brandon & Jamelle Fraley, that are now working together as a new country duo “Two Story Road“.


Two songs that I have been a part of with these guys are below…check them out!

“Deep Dark Eyes” (written in memory of Bryan Tinsley)


“City Girl in a Country Town” (just for fun)


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Todd has also written some other great songs and all have publishing available..just sayin’!!  :-)

Todd Ashburn Edwards Photography Studios

“Left with your Goodbye”


“When I Am With You”




“Who’s That Goodbye In Your Eyes”