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Danny Gokey Sophia’s Heart Cruise – {Edwards Photography Studios}

Hi all Danny Gokey Fans and Sophia’s Heart Supporters!

Through your help, Edwards Photography Studios raised nearly $1500 for the Sophia’s Heart Foundation on the cruise!  As a reminder, the vision for Sophia’s Heart Foundation is to see a future where hearts are healed through acts of love and compassion, helping children of less fortunate families experience music and arts, as well as restoring families who have experienced financial hardship.  In Nashville, Sophia’s Heart is preparing a facility to house nearly 30 families so every contribution counts!

It was a privilege meeting and getting to know several of you on the trip.  I was fascinated to hear how Danny’s music has had such a positive affect on your lives.  Learning about some of your own stories of hardship, I realize how impactful music can be to the soul.  Songs such as “I Still Believe” and “My Best Days are Ahead of Me” have inspired us all.

I remember in an interview Danny once saying, “when you figure out love is all that matters, it sure makes everything else seem so small”.  This shows how powerful love can be.  Your love for his music and the foundation will have such a positive affect on many individuals.

Your support for Edwards Photography Studios, Danny Gokey and Sophia’s Heart is greatly appreciated.  Each and every one of you are making a difference in someone’s life by the participation of this event.

A special thank you to Nancy Jeffares at Travelin’ Inc. for organizing this fabulous event!  We LOVE you Nancy!!


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